Hey! Welcome to my football betting blog.

I'm a very enthusiastic football fan from Slovenia and a long-time football bettor. I wouldn't say I'm a professional bettor, but I have been making a fair profit constantly for last 7 or 8 years and I've decided to share my knowledge to anyone, that would be interested to listen.

I remember very clearly how my great love for betting started. We were very young and in elementary school, about 13 years old or so. Me and my schoolmates were proudly showing off our 16-match accumulator betting tickets with a minimal stake, but potentially insane cashout amounts. The bigger the odds, the better. Of course, nobody ever won anything from those tickets and it's still funny to me how little effort we were actually putting into picking the proper betting options. Most of it was just for the adrenaline rush, for that weird, but pleasant feeling that you got when the matches started and you were patiently waiting for the end...

After the first 2 or 3 years, I started thinking. I stopped writing tickets with 16 pairs of matches, it was just practically impossible to win those. I started betting on smaller tickets, focused just on football and actually started doing short researches before I made the picks. I started winning tickets every now and then and it led me to start thinking even more about how I can make better picks. Up until I was 18 years old, I lost most of the money that I played. My picks just weren't anyhwere close to be good enough to make constant profit. Then I started digging a bit deeper into betting strategies and reading about ''professional betting'' on the internet. I started betting exclusively on singles, I focused on just a few leagues that I was most familiar with and I started watching a lot of matches. Watching more matches really helped me a lot, because statistics don't always show the real picture. With all of that combined, it was so much easier for me to find value bets and booker's ''mistakes''. I quickly started making profit. Constantly.

I have decided to share my football knowledge and make use of my passion for sports journalism and start posting my betting picks and analysis. Through all these years, I accumulated great understanding of some of the top European leagues. I focus mainly on the English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Spanish Primera and consequently also on the Champions League. I don't make a lot of picks, just the ones that I think are really worth it. On average, you can expect about 10-20 picks per month. I will do my best to provide the best picks and analysis possible and hopefully make someone happy.

Best of luck!

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